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What is a Portfolio Finance Director?

A Portfolio Finance Director (‘FD’) can be an integral part of a business.  The Portfolio FD operates the same as a Finance Director but on a part-time basis. They create and control the budget to ensure that all financial targets and regulations are adhered to; whilst offering financial guidance and advice. Their main task is to oversee all of the financial activity, including budgeting, distribution of funds to implementing policies.

As a business owner, you have several responsibilities. As your business grows, the demands increase and you may have to contemplate outsourcing business tasks.  You may not yet be at the scale where you need, want or can afford a full-time Finance Director yet need the strategic financial support, if this is you a Portfolio Finance Director may be the answer.

The differences between a Finance Director and a Portfolio Finance Director.

The difference between a Finance Director and a Portfolio Finance Director is that as a portfolio FD, I can support multiple clients virtually or in-person throughout the North West. Whereas a Finance Director may work for one specific company on a full-time basis. At any given time, I can be working for several businesses but as they only need me for certain hours, it enables me to work with more than one company.

There are several benefits of using a Portfolio Finance Director. Several businesses are starting to use an portfolio FD or sometimes referred to as a Outsourced Finance Director or Outsourced CFO or for many reasons.

What are the benefits of using a Portfolio FD?

Money-saving; Many businesses do not have the funds to employ a full-time FD, therefore, using a portfolio one is enabling them to utilise all the knowledge and skills of an FD but not having to pay the full-time price for one.

Varied knowledge; As a portfolio FD is not solely working with one client, they will have different knowledge, across numerous industries and several new ideas that they may have picked up whilst supporting other businesses.

On demand; As a business, you can have the benefits of an FD but as and when you require one.

Different perspective; As the portfolio FD doesn’t directly work for your company, they can assess your business as an outsider.

Time-saving; If you are trying to take on the finance role yourself, think about the time that will be saved if you use an on-demand portfolio FD. Obtaining financial support will enable you to focus on the other important aspects of your business, core to your skills and passion.

Skills; A portfolio Director will have the same strengths and skills as an FD. For example, critical thinking, organisational and time management. They will also be keeping up to date with all the new policies and legislations that come in.

Businesses can see the multiple benefits of using one and Portfolio Finance Directors, or Outsourced CFO’s are in demand now more than ever. Read Pauline’s experience and some case studies to understand some of the roles that a Portfolio FD may support a business.

How much does a Portfolio Finance Director cost?

With the services of Pauline Healey at Logical BI, you have the option of paying for a monthly retainer from as little as two half days a month or for specific ad-hoc business finance, operations, or supply chain project.  These prices vary by location, expertise, and if you are hiring directly with an individual Portfolio FD or via a business/agency with a pool of Portfolio FD’s available.

See our details for retainers starting at £395 per month or one-off business planning projects starting at £595.  Do you want to find out how a Portfolio FD can support your business at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time position?  See Pauline’s qualifications and book your free no-obligation discovery call today.  

Also providing Business Booster Power Hours and Xero Annual Accountancy packages for Limited Companies and Community Interest Companies.

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