The Business Booster Consultancy Call

1 The Business Booster Consultancy Call

Are you a business owner looking to remove obstacles and profitably grow your business? Are you struggling to progress, access the right guidance and understand what to do next? Then you have landed in the right spot!

The Business Booster Consultancy Call is ideal for all businesses that need one-off strategic business finance support to turn challenges into clarity.

And by popular demand, the Business Booster Consultancy Call has had an upgrade.

You can now enjoy:

✅ A two-hour-long Zoom call

✅ Extended to both UK and international businesses

✅ Clear, actionable advice based on more than 25 years of experience

✅ A summarised written strategy concluding your call

✅ Access the answers you need to remove business blockages and gain financial clarity

✅ A restful night’s sleep and a business you enjoy again!

What would you ask an experienced Finance Director and what difference could that answer make to your business?

Not only do we help you pocket more profits, but we also help you save, get investment ready and plan for the future.

Are you struggling with cash flow? Is your supply chain bleeding money? Would you like to improve your gross margins? Do you need to improve your systems, sales and operational processes?

You can ask the burning questions your business needs to achieve financial confidence during the Business Booster Consultancy Call and lay solid financial foundations.

The biggest reason businesses go under is poor cash flow management. Ineffective management of debtors, high stock levels, bad debt… they cause many a business owner significant stress. Which is not why you got into business. You got into business to create financial freedom, enjoy flexibility and build a lifestyle you love. Perhaps you’d like to improve, streamline, or plan a profitable exit. Whatever your business finance questions, it’s time to stop operating in the dark and get the answers you need.

What’s included?

Before we get down to the nitty-gritty, you’ll supply some initial business information so that we understand your business basics, your current business position and your aspirations.

Next, we’re going deep. Enjoy two full hours via Zoom call to get all your questions answered.

From rolling her sleeves up in factories in China to transforming start-ups, not-for-profits, family businesses, medium-sized companies and international PLCs, Pauline knows her stuff.

It’s not an in-depth review, of course. The Business Booster Consultancy Call is for targeting business blind spots and receiving the specific financial business expertise you need.

You’ll also be sent summarised follow-up strategy notes following our meeting to help you create that profitable and/or meaningful change. 

So, it’s more like 3 hours and…

All for just £349!

Business Booster Consultancy Testimonials

Logical Bl is run by Pauline who is incredibly knowledgeable! She has become much more than our Virtual CFO, we include her in all of our commercial planning and succession planning. She's firmly on our side, a real attention for detail. We would - and have - personally recommended her to family and friends.

Sam Eaton MindAbility Consulting

At we have been working with Pauline at Logical BI Ltd for over a year now. She is professional, well organised and very experienced in business finances. This is insightful, financial analysis and advice for businesses perhaps too small to have a full time Financial Director.

Stephen Ward

Pauline has been my CFO and accountant for the last year or so now, which she does on a freelance basis for various different companies. She also does all of my accounting, all of my bookkeeping and keeps me organised and accountable because I'm terrible with numbers and I hate thinking about finances. I know I can trust Pauline 100%. She always has my back and makes things as simple and clear as possible. We've been through some real trials and tribulations with HMRC and VAT registration, but she's never stressed. She always just has all the information to get me where I need to be, especially when I'm super stressing about it. So if you're looking for outsourced financial director services, you cannot go wrong with Pauline. She's a dream.

Lea Turner Lea Turner Limited

We know how busy you are. We understand the value of time and money. That’s why your session will have a clear focus on delivering value that leaves you with a simple, clear, focused pathway to progression.

A little bit about Pauline Healey
and Logical BI Limited

Logical BI was born a little over 3 years ago because, much like many business leaders, Pauline wanted to create financial freedom and flexibility – for herself and others.

With more than 25 years of broad commercial experience, she knows what to ask and what to do for optimal direction and results. Helping clients achieve profitable growth is the passion project and you can expect a friendly, clear, strategic collaboration.

The Business Consultancy Call is your strategic bite-sized partner and quite possibly your best business decision yet. The hurdles aren’t just for Colin Jackson. They can appear in your business at any time, or if it hasn’t been set up correctly. Without experienced financial guidance, you can be stressed and put your business at risk.

In step the Business Booster Consultancy Call.

One-off strategic support from Pauline Healey and just so you know who you’re dealing with and what we mean by “experienced”, by all means, have a peek at the particulars…

  • Over 25 years supporting businesses of all sizes from sole traders, family businesses, not-for-profits and start-ups through to international PLCs.
  • Experienced in many sectors including trade, retail, distribution, software, manufacturing, hospitality, wellbeing, and services – to name a few!
  • A long career in finance and a qualified chartered accountant.
  • An MBA in Executive Management.
  • Highly experienced in business leadership.
  • Driven by finance – passionate about results.

“In the first month, our income grew by 300% compared to the previous average month so paid for the strategy call many times over….”

In just two hours and for only £349, we can get you on your way to growing and glowing again.

Is it time to plan for a profitable future?

Then book your Business Booster Consultancy Call here.