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You know how brilliant your business could be. We know how to make it happen.

Financial Planning and Accounting Services with a difference.

When you need help solving business problems, or guidance to reach the next level, getting the right support has always been expensive. But not anymore. Because you only pay for our financial and operational expertise when you need it.

No need to spend big on a full-time employed Finance Director (FD) or Chief Financial Officer (CFO).  And, arguably most importantly, no getting stung by business consultant agency overheads to fill in your part time or short term requirements.

Instead, we’re your on-demand part-time Finance Director (FD), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Accountant and Business Consultant in one. Led by Pauline Healey, chartered management accountant, with 25+ years of senior commercial finance and 12+ years of supply chain management experience.

We’ll review your finances and operations from top to bottom, give you straightforward advice on how to improve beyond just the numbers, then if needed, roll up our sleeves to help you get the job done.  Oh, and we’re all really nice too.

Part time finance director

Why work with Logical BI?

Growing too fast or too slow?

If you’ve outgrown your finance department, they’re probably under-skilled and overworked. So let us come and take the weight, with all the latest strategies and software to get your MI reports, forecasts, and systems up to speed. We can also train and upskill your teams along the way.

No grip on your finances?

If you feel lost in the numbers, you’re not alone. With our analysis, you’ll have accurate data, the confidence to make better decisions, and the headspace for those lightbulb moments that improve your employee, customer and supplier experiences.

Cash flow problems?

Are you short of cash, stuck in harsh contracts, or feeling the pinch of an inefficient supply chain? Pinpointing and fixing problems fast is the only way to get a handle on your cash. And you’ll end up with a more robust operation that evolves as your business grows.

Business feels too complex?

Simplifying your processes is often all it takes to make your business much more cash and time efficient. And because we’re not just about finance, we can improve your supply chain performance and, if you’re interested, look into international business opportunities too.

Business Growth and Planning Packages

On-going finanical support

Get expertise when you need it to support your team, with a  finance director retainer from 1 day a month.

One-off business planning

Undergoing change or ready to grow? Hire us in to handle the project for a fixed fee with our business packages.

Annual accounting packages

For a range of businesses offering a bespoke package to suit your needs.

Xero Accounting software set up, training and support

As a Xero Certified Business Partner, I can help you to understand Xero better.

Some of the Industries we love to work with;

You’re full of ideas, shaping change and supporting your staff. But it’s important to look after your business (and yourself) in the process. An issue we hear a lot is too much time spent in the business and not enough time spent on the business. With proper business planning and smart accounting, you can look forward to more time for both you, your business and your clients. Think maximum profits, taxable benefits and an income that doesn’t involve working all hours.

Learn More about Accounting for Coaching Businesses & Consultants

Consultants, Coaches & Creatives

We are passionate about horses, we know how busy you are 'on the job' and also about helping those that run equestrian businesses. From saddlers and trainers to riding instructors and stud owners: Our expert industry knowledge will help your business thrive.

Learn More about Accounting for Equestrian Businesses

Equestrian Businesses

Your logistics and distribution financial plan will yield a return on investment like no other. Widely renowned as being the source of significant loss and waste, your supply chain is critical to your success, and it just so happens we are highly experienced at helping. Warehousing, logistics and end-to-end supply chain knowledge are wound tightly into your financial strategy and forecasts so that you hold a positive cash flow balance and can enjoy a restful night’s sleep. That’s right. We said it. We are not all about the money. Logical BI is about balance. Yours. Your businesses. Your books. Are you ready to benefit from more than 25 years of business finance leadership and start enjoying your business and stronger results?

Learn More about our Supply Chain Business Support

Distribution & Supply Chains
    David Jones Ld Larder Retail

    Excellent service very professional. The service provided streamlined our operations and was very cost effective helping to increase our revenue streams.

    Rob Evans Plumber

    I moved my annual accounting requirements over to Pauline to gain all round business support and financial clarity throughout the year. Pauline has already saved me a great amount of tax explaining what allowable expenses I can put through the business and we are now forecasting to transition from a Sole Trader to a Limited Company. I can’t believe the time saved too with moving onto Xero, the training was clear and straightforward and she is always prompt in answering any queries I may have. I have gained more income from my business whilst reducing the time I spend on paperwork. Thank you Pauline!

    Peace Wellbeing Retreat UK

    I can’t speak highly enough about Pauline’s dedication to working with us - our community housing cooperative could not have managed to pull together such a complex business plan, including a ten year forecast, without her attention to detail and how amazing she is in helping us bring all our creative talents together in one plan! Thank you SO much, without you we would not have gotten started let alone be about to secure our forever home [retreat]!

    Stella Harper Stella Sansom Harper PT

    Pauline has shown me how to take my business to the next level. I was completely stuck, I knew the end goal but wasn't sure how to get there, how to find a supplier, how to approach them, what sort of package I could expect and what I should put into place to ensure that my investment is a good one.

    Andrew Hops Electrician

    I have a good head for numbers but needed some guidance on creating a business plan with financial forecasts to gain funding to scale up my business.  Sure, I could have googled or accessed free government-funded business support but it would have taken time with possible confusion from google or delay with free support.

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      How does an accountant help with business decisions?

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