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What Is Integrity?

When it comes to your business, there is so much to think about when contemplating to outsource. You need to ensure that the person or company that you are outsourcing to has similar values and qualities that you and your business have. If you have different values, it could potentially be detrimental on your business.  When I outsource any personal or business-related tasks, I need to ensure that they are outsourced to people that I can rely on and trust. Likewise, when I do work for others, I need to ensure that they have similar values to me and my business.

Integrity is a sought-after quality and is vital in general day to day life as well as in business and is one that I strongly believe in.  A person that has integrity is someone who has the quality of being honest and who has strong moral principles.

Need For Trust and Honesty.

When it comes to running our own business, we need to know that we can trust who we are outsourcing to.  My business is important to me and something that I have put a lot of time and effort into, I am sure this is the case for most businesses.  As a Chief Financial Officer, I am delving into the finances of other businesses. Not everyone feels comfortable sharing this type of information as it is very personal. Don’t forget that financial professionals must have the quality of integrity. We have to demonstrate that we are trustworthy, honest and that we take pride in our work. We understand how delicate and sensitive the finances of a business is.

As a business owner, it can be difficult to ask others for support. You have dedicated hours to your business and maybe didn’t expect to ask for help.  You may even start to question things and wonder what has gone wrong or why can’t you understand your business financial reports or why are you losing money? You may feel confused as to why your team output is poor, even though you are all working very hard. Remember that you are not a failure and are far from this. Your focus has been delivering your product, building strong relationships, helping others, seeking new opportunities. I understand that asking for help can be extremely difficult, sometimes we have to accept that we need to ask for support and outsource tasks.

As a CFO, I need to know that I can trust my clients as this is just as important. Trust with a client is gained on the first phone call and without it, I cannot do my job. I listen, I ask, I don’t judge and I don’t confide in others.

Integrity is needed from both parties as it will ensure that we will achieve the best results for you and your business, which after all is what we both want.

When thinking about outsourcing, think carefully about what values you have and question why those values are so important to you and your business

Is integrity important to you and your business?

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