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Thank you for accepting our proposal, I am so excited to be working with you!  Here is a quick guide on what happens next.

And remember, if you have any questions, please just ask.

Steps 1-3: The first steps


Before we can start work we need to do anti money laundering checks which are designed to protect the UK financial system.  In order to comply with these regulations, we must carry out these reviews for every Individual, Company Director, Sole Trader or Partner etc. once these are completed we are ready to begin!


As our clients are billed monthly, you’ll be sent a personlised link to our chosen direct debit provider, GoCardless so that you can set up the mandate.  You will be sent invoices for your records but be assured that these will be automatically handled to avoid the need of having to make manual payments.  You will have 7 days from date of invoice (set 10th of each month) to date of payment.  You may also receive a one-off invoice for past accounts completion and/or initial business review and software set up.  All fees will be as agreed in our initial proposal.


Once you’ve let your previous accountant know you are switching, we’ll contact them for connecting info.  We can’t strictly take over until we’ve heard from them and received your past financial data.

Steps 4-6: Let's Get Going


Once we have everything from your accountant we will complete HMRC forms, for which you will give permission for us to act upon your behalf as our client with HMRC and Companies House.  We will also be setting you up on our systems so that we can manage your work and deadlines for you.

If you are setting up a new Partnership or a Limited Company there will be additional work with yourself and registration with HMRC and Companies house which we will cover at this stage.

As a company registered with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants Members in Practice, you can rest assured that we are subject to regular reviews and all of your details are stored securely to comply with GDPR regulations.  If there’s anything you don’t understand about this process, or there’s something you’d like to ask us – please do! We’re here to make this as seamless as possible.


If required we will set you up on Xero and any interlinking software as required, for this we will need additional information such as business logo, invoicing requirements and bank details from yourselves.  If you have requested Dext as part of your package we will also set this up.

If you are already on Xero we will complete a healthcheck and provide feedback as required.


We will provide Xero training as required and have our initial onboarding meeting.  You will be set up with your finances and we will keep checking in with you to see how you’re doing.  We will also arrange your business review meetings per your accounting package a few weeks in advance so that we can fix meeting dates that are convenient to both of our businesses.

What other services do we offer?

On-going financial support

Get financial expertise when you need it to support your team, with a CFO retainer from 1 to 8 days a month.

One-off business planning

Undergoing change or ready to grow? Hire us in to handle the project for a fixed fee with our business packages.

Annual accounting packages

If you’re a Limited company or a registered Not-for-profit business that needs your accounts doing.

Accounting software set up and support

As a Xero Certified Business Partner, I’ll help you manage your own finances.

Business Planning Packages
Maximise Your Businesses Potential

Businesses of all sizes and ges require planning. Whether for growth, for expansion or for sale. 

I will work closely with you every step of the way, from forecasting and research to process reviews, budgetting and investment preparation.

Prior planning is the key to future success, and i’m here to help.

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