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Small Businesses Need Help and Guidance Too

I strongly believe that local businesses are at the financial heart of the community.

That’s why I have packages that help smaller businesses tap into my expertise without the need to be at the £2m turnover mark.

I specialise in distribution along with manufacturing sectors – that means if your business buys (or makes) and sells products – I’m your finance expert.

In today’s climate everyone needs and deserves the support that a CFO can provide, at an affordable rate. Planning and forecast packages for a small business start at £295.

I recently supported a local retail outlet who sold home electrical appliances; after all their outgoings they were left with £2,500 a month for themselves. Following my support, delivering a detailed cashflow and cost review their profits grew by £500 the following month recovering my fees and then £2,000 per month for the remainder of the year, 80% profit growth!!

If you are a business owner with minimum annual turnover of £100k, unsure if your business is operating as financially efficient as possible and you want to ensure you’re maximising your profits and cash now and for future growth, get in touch for further details of my services.

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