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During twenty-five years of professional experience, Pauline has worked with many small and family businesses.

Smaller businesses understand really well how to make their product or fulfill their service – that is how they became successful in the first place.

Unfortunately, such businesses often don’t understand the financial side of things quite as well.  Usually, they do not know many of the options that are out there, let alone how they could take advantage of what’s on offer.

For many businesses, their first port of call in a financial situation is their local bank.  If your bank is serious about helping local businesses then they will have a dedicated adviser that you can book an appointment with and talk to. Such a person could ask you to spend time with a CFO or Finance Director – especially if you approached them seeking finance. They would want to ensure that their money is being spent in the best possible way.

Pauline as such has worked with companies on a part-time retainer basis for similar situations, also opening avenues with her network of other funding options.

Why not book a 30 minute free, no-obligation phone call with her to discuss potential strategies? You might find you have many more options available to you than you thought you did.

And also support much larger national or international business...


Pauline has helped many medium to large national and international companies save money, time and effort in her career.  She has spearheaded change that shortened delivery times, reduced warehousing costs, managed international exchange rate costs for less money and improved the reputation of those companies with their clients. Who doesn’t love a faster and easier delivery schedule – especially if it saves money at the same time?

Pauline has a range of commercial business planning packages that are especially important for your business to ensure you plan accurately and have the correct processes in place for your next phase of growth or when seeking new finances or investment.

You may be at the stage of growth where your business is just starting to think about the strategic support of a CFO, to head or supplement your finance and operational teams.  However, you realise the scope of this role does not yet require a fixed expense, full time position which often costs over £120k a year.

Pauline is able to support your business on a part-time basis, being flexible with what your company requires and the level of external representation you need, see her range of retainer services.  You could even add Pauline to your organisation’s chart as your company CFO or Finance Director.

For the international market, Pauline has built up contacts across the globe throughout her career and you could benefit from introductions to business networks in China, Chile, Mexico, the US, the Netherlands and across Europe. Her contacts, in turn, have their wider contacts and so her reach is truly global.

It is in recognition of her commercial experience in Mexico and Chile, The Department of International Trade UK (DIT UK) LATAC has recognised Pauline on their list of External Referral Pool of service providers that could help UK companies develop their business in the Latin America and Caribbean markets.

With such expertise available, at your fingertips, why not book a 1-2-1 Finance Strategy Session: 90 minutes Zoom call to discuss your immediate business issues and opportunities?  Part of the cost can be recovered against any first retainer or business planning package that you decide to invest in.

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Chris, also a director at Logical BI, is a highly experienced, skilled, and certified Microsoft/IBM business intelligence professional. He is an architect, administrator and developer of Business Intelligence Systems. 

Chris has extensive involvement in a range of business intelligence and database projects from feasibility through to implementation. He undertakes ongoing administration, performance tuning and project management.

He facilitates stakeholder engagement by providing staff support and training for all those who will be using the new system.

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