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Has the Pandemic Slowed your Financial Growth?

After the stop-start of everything connected to all our lives since March 2020, it’s great that things are now moving again. Businesses that have suffered so badly during lockdowns have been a big worry for many, but they are dusting themselves down and trying to rebuild and plan ahead.

Will I still have a business now Covid-19 is slowly leaving us? Will I be able to protect the workforce from redundancies? How will the competition react? How will my customers react? These are all questions that I hear on a regular basis when I speak to potential clients, desperate to get going again, get some traction and move on.

Business reviews to improve cash flow and profits.

I have many clients who I have looked after for years and I also have potential clients ringing me for an overview of their business. Many clients are watching the pennies now, they have to! Not only with the fall out of the pandemic but fuel prices, national insurance rises, the pound in the pocket of customers and potential customers have never been under such scrutiny.

70% of my work involves business owners that have already got their financial teams in-house. They are doing their best but the business owner may well need more commercial and vastly experienced financial leadership and that is where I come in. I never take on a project where I don’t think I can add value and that has always been my strong point, project work examples can be viewed here

The mental stress of running a business these days must be incredible and owners need someone to help them steady the ship, help plan the future and maybe re-jig the business plan or accompany them to a meeting with the bank manager.

Embrace change, business planning needs to be flexible.

All this is well and good but whoever you are and whatever you do, you need down time with the family and friends. We work to live not live to work and by passing on and sharing your financial queries with me and my team means we can release some time for you to have a home life and social life.

I have planned my business in a way and recruited people around me to allow me to have valuable time with my husband and daughter, spend time with my daughter who is a keen gymnast and my horses and yes I carry out a full honest appraisal of my own business regularly and it’s so refreshing to do.

I attend local business group meetings whenever I am able and have recently had a chat with the local BBC Radio Station who are going to start using me on call as their ‘Lancashire Business Finance Expert’ which is something I am really looking forward to.

Thanks for taking the time to read my Spring Blog, and please get in touch if you think I can help. I love to talk and maybe I can add value and input to your business. You can book your FREE discovery call or go straight in for some tailored consultancy or training with my power hours